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Heritage Windows

Heritage Windows Cheltenham: The Finest Aluminium Double Glazing

Our heritage windows in Cheltenham are custom designed using the finest aluminium. We can design exact replicas of your building’s existing windows to achieve a timeless appearance that benefits from increased durability. All our products are complete with a guarantee and successfully comply with the latest building regulations. To speak to us about our heritage range for your project, contact us today.

Our heritage windows are designed and built inhouse using a very high grade aluminium. This design method first gained popularity in the commercial sector; most commonly in shopping centres and restaurants who need large surface areas combined with excellent performance values.

It wasn’t long until the homeowner market cottoned on and designs were redeveloped for the domestic market. Heritage windows are the pinnacle of aluminium double glazing. Custom designed to reflect the characteristics of traditional English homes, this particular style of aluminium double glazing is most sought after by those who favour a conventional and rustic appearance. Our heritage window range are approved for use in conservation areas and listed buildings.

Timeless Designs

We specialise in the manufacture of windows for buildings that have unique architecture, including listed buildings. From curved art deco windows to bespoke one-off designs, our team has the expertise to restore any property to its former magnificence.

The concept behind heritage windows was to design a window that pairs traditional appearance with the latest performance values. This window system is perfect for period properties which replicate traditional timber sash windows.

For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on heating bills, heritage windows are a great option. Double glazing works to retain heat inside your home by trapping air between the two thermally treated glass. The trapped air works as a thermal barrier, preventing cold air from entering your property.

Heritage windows are a cost effective double glazing solution that combines aesthetics with performance like no other aluminium window. This particular range is available in an extensive selection of colours. BB Fabrications ensure the perfect fit by designing all products to the exact specifications of your property.

Benefits Of Our Heritage Windows

Heritage windows are like for like replacements of a conventional and timeless design. They meet and far exceed the strict planning regulations needed for working in conservation areas and listed buildings. 

We use slim profiles and sightlines to maximise the glazing area which serves to achieve outstanding thermal performance thanks largely to the quality of materials carefully selected. With a range of designs available as standard and bespoke replicas of current window systems, our heritage windows are in a league of their own.

They are specially treated to not rust and retain their appearance year after year, keeping their inherent strength. Enjoy long life span windows which are easy to clean and provide increased thermal efficiency all year round.

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Ideal For Conservation Areas & Listed Buildings

We offer an affordable solution for properties within conservation areas and listed buildings. Renovation of such buildings must comply with strict planning regulations. Our bespoke windows can be designed to replicate the originals while meeting all relevant build, fire and energy regulations.

If you are considering transforming a building in a conservation area or a listed building and would like to see if our windows can be used for your project, please get in touch with one of our home improvement experts. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have and guide you through the process.

Areas We Cover

BB Fabrications offer our heritage windows and aluminium double glazing for both the commercial and domestic market. We mostly work throughout Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Hereford, Tewkesbury and Worcester. Further to this, we can also travel towards Bristol and Bath, depending on the requirements of the work.

BB Fabrications are dedicated to being the go-to double glazing company in Gloucestershire.


Smarts Aluminium Heritage system offer a widely accepted (by councils) replacement window and door system to replace steel and crital steel windows and doors for both the listed building and contemporary new builds markets, especially in areas where the aesthetics required by councils demands a slimline and effectively mock-crital style windows and doors.
Unlike many of Smarts competitors, Smarts Heritage system is a close as modern regulations allow to the older stiles of Steel window and door systems (crital) from the 70’s and before. With modern thermal values and used in conjunction with modern thermally efficient double glazing (at 24mm or 28mm), as well as the ability to include trickle ventilation, Smarts Heritage is an ideal solution for most renovations, extensions and new builds, particularly where narrow sight lines are required or desired.


uPVC can be very easily recycled and put straight back into production as new window or door units or a wide range of alternative products. Due to its low cost, the material is still one of the most popular materials used in home improvements, especially for windows and doors. However, when it comes to the end-of-life for these products, they are often dumped in landfill and left. Very often uPVC window and door products are re-used rather that actually being recycled as quite a lot of these products end up in building reuse merchants/reclamation merchants. As a product, uPVC would need broken down into its constituent parts before those parts can be put into the recycling system, if a centre can be found that is able to recycle these particular types of plastics, not all re-cycling centres can after all.
Aluminium however is 100% recyclable, durable and does not degrade over time as other material do. Even when items such as windows and doors reach their ‘end of life’, unlike steel, uPVC or wood, the aluminium is still fully recyclable. At BB Fabrications UK Ltd, all of our waste aluminium as well as any aluminium products that come back to us will be transported to a recycling centre to be melted down and the aluminium ingots are then sold back into the aluminium industry for any purpose from drinks cans to cars or even new aluminium windows and doors. With thermally broken systems there is an element of thermoplastic (either Polyamide or Polyetherimide), which will also be re-cycled (as above, assuming a centre can be found that is capable of re-cycling these plastic components. The re-cycling centre that we use does re-cycle the Polyamide/Polyetherimide plastics as well.

Heritage Window Prices

BB Fabrications are a leading window manufacturer, using the latest technology and quality materials to create the best double glazing products on today’s market. We also work to offer the most competitive prices in the whole of the UK.  

For further details regarding our heritage window systems or to discuss your renovation project, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01684 491270. Our specialist team are here to help you, delivering the perfect window regardless of the style or age of your home.

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